We are a consultancy company specialized in epidemiology and biostatistics

Our mission is to provide expert biostatistical support to researchers, organizations, and businesses in the healthcare and life science industries. Through the application of cutting-edge statistical methods and a deep understanding of the latest developments in the field, we strive to help our clients make data-driven decisions that advance their research and improve human health.

Founder & Owner


Thomas Debray is an experienced statistician with a background in academia, specializing in developing methods for risk prediction and meta-analysis. Thomas Debray has dedicated a significant portion of his career to academic research, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in statistical methodologies for comparative effectiveness and personalized medicine research.

Currently, Thomas Debray operates his own consulting company, providing valuable services primarily to the pharmaceutical industry. The company's focus is on delivering exceptional statistical insights to support informed decision-making based on rigorous data analysis. Driven by a passion for making statistical methodologies more accessible, Thomas Debray aims to explore and promote the practical application of their research beyond academia. He seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that advanced statistical techniques can be effectively utilized in various industries.

Thomas Debray is recognized as a trusted advisor and educator, known for his ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. His expertise and dedication have made him highly regarded among his peers and clients.

Our Team

Luigi Riggio

Statistician / Data Scientist

Specialist in oncology & vaccine research. Expert in clinical trials, bioequivalence studies, & allergy/nutrition studies. Proficient in SAS, adaptive trials, & Bayesian analysis. Skilled in statistical methodology, sample size calculations, & data reporting

Scott Mcdonald

Biostatistician, Epidemiologist

16+ years of experience in public health. Experienced in the development and application of statistical methods, e.g., Bayesian evidence synthesis, disease burden estimation & dynamic modeling. Has conducted numerous epidemiological studies on infectious diseases.

Joana Caldas Magalhaes

Data Scientist. Biomedical Engineer

Hold PhD in Medical Physics

Our Clients

We provide services to pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, health technology assessment agencies, and academic institutions.

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