Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognostic studies

The number of primary studies evaluating prognostic factors and models is rising per day. Alike for therapies and diagnostic tests, critically summarizing and analyzing the evidence form prognostic studies in a systematic review and meta analysis is beneficial for health care professionals seeking the best evidence. Reviews of prognostic studies are more challenging because of more variation in questions, designs, bias and reporting, and thus in the statistical meta-analysis. Several advances regarding the design, searching, data extraction, critical appraisal and statistical analysis in systematic reviews of prognostic studies, have recently been made by convenors of the Cochrane PMG. In this course we discuss and practice how to define your review questions, how to search the literature, how to critically assess the methodological quality of primary prognostic studies, and which statistical methods to use for meta-analyses of the results of primary prognostic studies. The course consists of plenary presentations, small-group discussions, and computer exercises.

  • DATE
    21 Jun 2018
  • TIME
    06:00 am to 12:30 pm
    Online Event