Transparent reporting of multivariable prediction models for individual prognosis or diagnosis: checklist for systematic reviews and meta-analyses (TRIPOD-SRMA)
Snell KIE, Levis B, Damen JAA, Dhiman P, Debray TPA, Hooft L, et al.

Most clinical specialties have a plethora of studies that develop or validate one or more prediction models, for example, to inform diagnosis or prognosis. Having many prediction model studies in a particular clinical field motivates the need for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, to evaluate and summarise the overall evidence available from prediction model studies, in particular about the predictive performance of existing models. Such reviews are fast emerging, and should be reported completely, transparently, and accurately. To help ensure this type of reporting, this article describes a new reporting guideline for systematic reviews and meta-analyses of prediction model research.